The Oregon Chamber Players was founded in 1995 by Timoteus Racz, along with his wife, Victoria Racz. Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our OCP musician family and board!  For 20 years we provided our musicians and audience the widest selection of composers and instrumentation for each concert – from early Baroque to contemporary (including commissioned works and premier performances) and everything from a solo serenade to a symphony – all conductorless!   We were innovative with our concepts, being the first in the region to present interactive children’s concerts with an Instrument Petting Zoo; Audience Select Concerts; and Mystery Pieces, among others.  We also featured a unique Student Apprenticeship Program where talented music students had the opportunity to perform Mock Auditions, receive private coaching from our players, and rehearse with us. In 1999 our dedication to music education was intensified by the creation of the Junior Symphony of Vancouver, “musically bridging the gap between our communities”.

After our Founder and Artistic Director, Timoteus, died unexpectedly in April 2012, our OCP Family rallied and we carried on in his honor. He had always led our musicians from his chair, and we had a rotating crew of OCP violinists, Team Timi, that would take over those duties for each concert.  (Alphabetically listed: Joy Fabos, Erin Ferree, Tatiana Kolchanova and Jody Morrissette.) For every rehearsal and concert, we left an empty chair in his memory, and one of his fabulous fedoras, suit jackets or other personal item would be left on it. Audience members and musicians routinely left flowers and notes on ‘Tim’s Chair’ for our concerts. We continued until 2014 when we made the decision to disband the OCP. The JSV continues to this day under the direction of Tim’s friend and long-time OCP musician, Collin Heade, and our small ensembles continue as well.


Timoteus Racz in Sellwood Bee Newspaper. Photo by David Ashton.

OCP History Photo
Taken at Marylhurst University


OCP Group pic 2012


OCP Group photo 2008-’09


Leslie Rivera, President
Wendy Peebles, Treasurer
Victoria Racz, Recording Secretary/GM
Lori Buerkle
Gloria Duarte-Rivera

Gloria Duarte-Rivera and Leslie Rivera

OCP horn section – Daniel Partridge and Wendy Peebles

Lori Buerkle and Victoria Racz at a JSV Concert

OCP oboist/bassoonist Dagny Rask Regan at one of our OCP Children’s Concert Instrument Petting Zoos


OCP flutist Rebecca Olson coaching a Student Apprenticeship Program participant


OCP Children’s Concert Instrument Petting Zoo



OCP Children’s Concert Instrument Petting Zoo


OCP Children’s Concert Instrument Petting Zoo


Guest soloist Joe Powers, harmonica virtuoso


OCP Night at the Movies!
MC and Host Edmund Stone (AllClassical) with his award at our reception

OCP Night at the Movies! Red Carpet Hostess Dorinda Toner interview winners of our Best Dressed Award – Toby and Vickie Loftus

OCP Night at the Movies! Our Red Carpet Hostess, Dorinda Toner, ready to interview concert attendees with autograph seekers and paparazzi

Timoteus Racz at one of our OCP Children’s Concerts


OCP Children’s Concert returning guest, David Ogden Stiers. 2-11-12


Timoteus Racz with one of our Student Apprenticeship Program participants, Ashley

A Student Apprenticeship Program participant, Lindsay, during one of our OCP rehearsals


Our traditional OCP Audience Kazoo Orchestra for one of our Children’s Concerts


OCP Children’s Concert  2-11-12 Timoteus Racz with Jody Morrissette


OCP Children’s Concert Instrument Petting Zoo

CONTRA! Mark Eubanks after performing Mah Na Na at the OCP Children’s Concert 2-11-12

Mark Eubanks ROCKIN’ OUT on Mah Na Na for our OCP Children’s Concert 2-11-12


Composer of “Roland, the Minstrel Pig”, Matt Doran and his wife, Therese. Arriving by limo to our OCP Children’s Concert on 2-11-12


OCP musician Joy Fabos with Norman Leyden at our “Swingin’ with Norman” Concert 10-19-13

OCP musicians Jill Coykendall and Victoria Racz with Norman at Leyden after our “Swingin’ With Norman” concert 10-19-13


OCP musicians Christina Schulz and Erin Ferree at our “Swingin’ with Norman” Concert 10-19-13


At an OCP rehearsal with Joy Fabos, Erin Ferree, and Tim’s hat left out in his honor