JSV Scholarships

The Timoteus Racz Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is named after our late Founder and Artistic Director, Timoteus Racz - violinist, composer, conductor and teacher. He was passionate about music performance and education, and embodied the essence of professionalism and integrity in every aspect of his life. This scholarship goes to an outstanding JSV member and gives them free tuition for the upcoming season.

Lori Buerkle Scholarship: Lori Buerkle is a longtime OCP/JSV board member who has shown outstanding service and dedication over the years, and this awards a winning string player $200 for music lessons. (This seemed appropriate as we first met Lori when she came to Timoteus for violin lessons!)


Board of Director's Scholarship: This scholarship awards a winning wind player $200 for music lessons.

Returning participants who have a stellar attendance record, participate in session fundraisers and attend the OREGON CHAMBER PLAYERS (parent organization) concerts will be considered for these scholarships.  We offer at least one Work Study Scholarship per session for returning members.

Current Winners:

2016-'17 Lori Buerkle Scholarship: Andrea Hernandez and Maddy Sheley

2016-'17 Board of Director's Scholarship: Zach Wannamaker

2016-'17 Timoteus Racz Memorial Scholarship: Rachel Bergh

Past Winners:
2016-'17 Lori Buerkle Scholarship: Andrea Hernandez and Patricia Ellise Hall
2016-'17 Board of Director's Scholarship: Connor Rasmussen
2016-'17 Timoteus Racz Memorial Scholarship: Madelyn Hartrim-Lowe
2015-'16 Lori Buerkle Scholarship: Rachel Bergh
2015-'16 Board of Director's Scholarship: Mackenzie Haverlack
2015-'16 Timoteus Racz Memorial Scholarship: DeeAnna Meier

2014-15 Lori Buerkle Scholarship: Erik Okel/Rachel Bergh

2014-15 Board of Director’s Scholarship: Michael Holmes
2014-15 Timoteus Racz Memorial Scholarship (formerly the Martha McCourt Scholarship): Kyla Pohl
2013-14 Lori Buerkle Scholarship: Justin Young
2013-14 Board of Director’s Scholarship:  Kyla Pohl
2013-14 Martha McCourt Scholarship: Hannah Toner
2012-'13 Martha McCourt Scholarship: Antimony Berkeley
2012-'13  Lori Buerkle Scholarship: Andrew Johnson
2011-'12 JSV Scholarship: Clara Mastin
2011-'12   Lori Buerkle Scholarship: Jared Veriato  
2010-11'  Lindsay Brown JSV Scholarship
2009-'10 Clara Mastin  Martha McCourt Scholarship
2008-'09 Ben Serna-Grey   Martha McCourt Scholarship
2007-'08 Lindsay Brown   Martha McCourt Scholarship
2006-'07 Erin Lowry   Martha McCourt Scholarship
2010-11' Jared Veriato Lori Buerkle Scholarship
2009-'10 Valerie Leslie   Lori Buerkle Scholarship
2008-'09 Monica Scigliano   Lori Buerkle Scholarship

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