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The Con Grazia Wind Quintet collaborated with the Columbia River Brass Quintet for the Vancouver Symphony Chamber Music Series on Saturday, April 20, 2013. Our quintet featured the debut of a piece by VSO Conductor Salvador Brotons

                                          Photo by Paul Quackenbush

Wind Quintet with Pirate Doug
Fruit Valley Elementary
November 2010

Ann showing off her big, bad bassoon at a school concert.

Ooh-la-LA Concert
Magenta Theater
July 31, 2010


The Composed Quintet  - Picture by Sue Gabriel

The Unraveled Quintet - Picture by Sue Gabriel

Quintet Personnel 2003-2007
Rebecca Olson, flute
Victoria Racz, oboe
Sherylanne Branning, clarinet  
Margaret McShea, bassoon
Wendy Sandow, French horn



Friday, November 13, 2009

Young Audiences Concert
North Plains Elementary, OR
(Photo by Miriam Budner)

  A fun demonstration of rhythm and tempo at Neskowin Valley School at our May 11, 2005 performance

Neskowin Valley Principal, Doug Immel, preparing for his debut performance with the Con Grazia Quintet on our grand finale - the "Clapping Song"!



What our fans are saying....

April 2012

It WAS a wonderful afternoon of music!!
Please extend our sincere thanks to all the musicians
for us. Your music was great!!!

I know the audience enjoyed the music, had a good time, and maybe even learned something too!

We have a wonderful congregation...lots of young families... Love,

Nancy Ann Tice
Northwest Artist Management
Our Children of ALL Ages Concert
Sunday, April 29, 2012
November 2010

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!  ....It was such a delightful way to spend our afternoon.  I'd forgotten how much I loved just losing myself in music, and was reminded that I need to have more of that in my life again.  And to have been transported back to my elementary years by hearing Peter and the Wolf again...there aren't words to express what that meant!
Con Grazia has such an amazing way of interacting with an audience of children.  As I said yesterday, I truly believe you influenced a great many children to get involved with music in that hour! Much appreciation!
Debbie Elliott
Principal of Fruit Valley Elementary School
November, 2010



August 2010

Valse pour l'Echappee Belle
by Jean Chatillon
Arranged and dedicated to the Con Grazia Wind Quintet by Mr. Chatillon and performed live, July 31, 2010.
(Ooh-la-LA Concert at Magenta Theater)

"Dear Victoria,

Thank you very much for this beautiful
 interpretation of my Valse...  I am honoured to be played by your ensemble.

Please offer my best wishes to all your friends,
Jean Chatillon"


"How 5 instruments can blend so beautifully and play with such passion,
is just beyond me! I'd like to tell you how incredible that bassoon
player was--as well as how great that French horn player played---as
well as the 'smooth' clarinet--then there's beyond-words-Victoria--and
finally, possibly the best flute player I've ever see?
Can't just single out anybody and say 'they were the best'. You all
were!!! What a lucky find that you found one another!"

With gratitude and appreciation,
Nancy Uselmann

Sent after an Ooh-la-LA Concert
Saturday, July 31, 2010
Magenta Theater

May 2010

The Con Grazia wind quintet was a big hit at our preschool!  The children were thoroughly engaged and fascinated with the different instruments and interaction with the fabulous musicians.  The program was age appropriate, fun and educational.  We can't wait to have them back!

Beth Femling, director
St. Andrew Christian Preschool

May 19, 2010


After our two school presentations on March 10, 2010:

The Con Grazia was FAAAAA....BULOUS at making music relatable to elementary children at Woodstock.  You made each instrument come alive with its distinct sound and character.  Please play more and bring more musical stories.
Thank you for the treat,
Jinnie Kim
Music Teacher at Woodstock Elementary, Portland

January 2010

"Explained instruments, their parts and how they sound different.  Very student involved!  The songs were appropriate for kindergarten...It was an excellent performance!" 

Written Evaluation Quote from Kindergarten Teacher, North Plains Elementary, Oregon about November 13, 2009 Young Audiences School Concert

January 2009

"Con Grazia Quintet Thanks for playing my piece "El Shlomo del Toro". You gave it life, spirit, soul and personality. Victoria, LOVED your improv. YAY!!!
Thank You all  for the thrill Ray Pizzi"- visit

 Quote above  from composer Ray Pizzi about the live recording of his piece, "El Shlomo del Toro"
 Click Here to hear piece and watch a video collage created by Ray Pizzi

October 2007

....Everyone seemed to enjoy your music and the children I talked with were very enthusiastic. Great job!....  Wishing you continued success and lots of joy,


Stacia Sue Gabriel, Neskowin Chamber Music Series This e-mail received after our quintet concert & school residency)

October 2007

...We enjoyed having you. The kids seemed to enjoy it, and almost all of them could come up with something that they had gained from the experience.

So, just how many jazz pieces have you run across for the oboe? That was at the top of my "what I gained from the experience" list. ;-)

Thanks for coming,


(Linda Oram, band director at Nestucca Schools after our quintet residency)

June 6, 2005

"....We hired them to come in the school and then play a professional booking at a local venue that night. Both were wonderful....The music presented was interesting in its variety, accessible to the kids, enjoyed by the adults, engaging, and entertaining. The women were delightful both on stage and off, and they educated as well as entertained. It was all I had hoped it would be. I would do it again in a heartbeat, or a downbeat..."

Douglas Blake Immel
Director, Neskowin Valley School


May 2005

"This is one FUN quintet!"

Doug Immel


September 11, 2003

"....I met these five when they appeared as guests at my chamber music
appreciation class at Portland State University last spring, and I was
struck by their enthusiasm, dedication and accessibility. Their repertoire
is refreshingly eclectic and their stage presence friendly and highly
approachable. Several of my students commented that they appreciated the
presentation more than those of other well-known groups who, despite their
polished performances, lacked the ability to connect with listeners in a
classroom setting. Many expressed the hope that the members of the Con
Grazia will return to the class next spring -- including myself."

James McQuillen

March 21, 2003

"....For many of our children, this was their first opportunity to hear and
see live classical music. Thank you for creating different interactive
programs that were interesting to our two classes of 3-6 year olds as well
as to our two elementary classes (1st - 3rd and 4th - 6th grade). Children
were inspired by your playing and many asked to begin music lessons..."

Susan Gillespie
Two Rivers Montessori School

June 20, 2000

"I want to thank the members of the Con Grazia Woodwind Quintet for
performing at Atkinson last month. Our entire school of 535 children were in
attendance at the concert and they obviously enjoyed your selection of
repertoire....Last year members of the Oregon Symphony sat in with the band
and also performed a short program of their own. The Con Grazia Quintet
took this format a step further when they volunteered to work with each
instrumental section....This work is extremely important for young
musicians....With the commitment of folks like the members of your quintet,
I feel assured that our students will continue with their musical education
and excel at their musical dreams."

Ms. Kimberly Heron
Music Specialist
Atkinson School

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